Our vision is to build and establish optimal structured orphanages in every city of Africa and to offer teachings that impart powerful life changing principles.

It is also our vision to establish partnership with individuals and institutions that desire to learn from healthy relationship principles and precepts through speaking engagements and seminars.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives and the living conditions of orphans, abandoned,  and underprivileged children in Africa by working with orphanages, organizations and individuals to meet the physical, medical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children. It is also our mission to find loving homes for these children through the establishment of an adoption agency.

Our mission is also to serve the personal and social development needs of individuals who desire to learn and grow in their lives’ purpose through a mutual partnership relationship by providing:

  • Relationship counseling
  • Book sales
  • Workshops and seminars on biblical principles on relationships