At Vineyard International, we make every effort to include the community and business owners to aid us in providing humanitarian aides both here in the United States and Nigeria. Here are some of the ways you can partner with us.


One-Time Monetary Donations: Each donation gives us access to greater resources to serve the needs of these comunities such as food, health access and much more.  Each donation yo give will not only make a difference in the lives of many people, but ensure your community investments get a significant return.


Collaboration: Recognizing that no one organization can solve all the challenges of the world, together as Vineyard International’s partner, assets, combined skills, technology ad other resources will enable us to be effective while working together.  The ways you can collaborate are:

. Commitment to make a consistent monetary donation

. Schedule volunteer group to aid in areas such as distribution.

Donation can be given by clicking on “DONATE” button or mail to the addresses listed below:

US Division: Vineyard International, 627 Stillwater Place, Bowie, MD 20721, USA.

Africa Division: Vineyard Hope Foundation, P.O. Box 40714, Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Funds can also be remitted to the following accounts:

US Division: Vineyard International, TD Bank, Account No. 4327391754

Africa Division{Nigeria):  T.C Vineyard International,  FCMB Account No. 3487856011

Every effort to support Vineyard International and its divisions is very much appreciated.

By partnering with us or sponsoring us,we will advertise your company on our website and display your company’s logo on our materials. You will also receive a copy or copies of the book  “Single and secured in Christ: Key to a Happy Marriage” authored by the Founder and Coordinator of Vineyard, as our appreciation of your contribution.