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Vineyard International, a division of the HOPE Foundation was founded by Titilola Caetano, who is also the Coordinator of the Non Profit Organization. The Organization emerged from the United States to the continent of Africa.  The founder saw the need was the same for economically disadvantaged families in America as her home, Oyo State in Nigeria, hence, the birth of Vineyard International/Vineyard HOPE Foundation.  The outreach serves various underdeveloped countries.  The foundations supportive aides have changed lives of many people around the world and state wide creating bridges to aid them in accessing necessary humanitarian aides.

Our humanitarian services are established to provide for orphans, underprivileged families and needy individual’s physical, educational, medical, emotional, and financial needs through the relationships we have developed with a few orphanages, underprivileged families and individuals in Africa.  We look to broadening our outreach by soliciting the assistance of donors and partners to fulfill our mission.

We believe education is the key to self sufficiency.  We place a strong emphasis on educating the children.  Without such emphasis, any assistance would simply be a fruitless solution and not fix the long-term problems affecting these areas.

Vineyard International is a registered Non Profit Organization in the United States and in Nigeria as Vineyard HOPE foundation.


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